Increase Loan Volume

Lenders Option Corporation


Approve more auto loans, increase portfolio yield, and reduce loan losses. Our Lenders Option Corporation (LOC) program helps you manage risk in lending to your C, D, and E members in two important ways. Repossessed vehicles are purchased at a guaranteed value with offers that are consistently higher than the low-ball auction sites while avoiding that expense. 

The program also provides principal balance reduction payments to further reduce deficiency loan balances. Discover how to confidently serve more members through your direct or indirect loan channels with the added protection that LOC brings to your lending decisions. 

  • Credit union makes all loan decisions
  • Covers vehicle purchase prices of $1,000 to $80,000, one to eight-year terms
  • Refunds provided on paid off loans




It’s a well-known fact that more than 75% of your members use the internet to research their new or used car purchase. How much of that business are you missing? With TRUECar® your credit union houses the TRUECar® portal, educates your members, and pre-empts the dealer finance channel to gain valuable member loan opportunities at NO COST. Your members are empowered to make that purchase with a guaranteed, no-haggle price by a certified dealer with an average savings of over $2,973 off MSRP! 

And the best part about that shopping experience is that your credit union captures the loan opportunity! This is the future of car buying, made available through your credit union. Gain a competitive edge and leverage the TRUECar® marketing brand. 

  • Empower your members online shopping experience and capture loan business 
  • Receive instant notification of members shopping for vehicles online 
  • Direct members to the trusted TRUEcar brand for a guaranteed low-price quote for both New and Used Vehicles